This ‘Californian’ Bungalow got a whole lot of love (once we removed all the borer ridden timber), with a new kitchen, dining area, additional master bedroom, ensuite & walk in wardrobe.

Westmere — Auckland
We used MOD Builders for our Bungalow renovation which was a 7-month project. We have used MOD Builders for previous building work. Mike was pro-active in communicating any issues and progress of work. Solution focus approach. Any unexpected issues that arise during a renovation were not treated as a problem but as “how to best solve this”. Excellent workmanship from all of the MOD team. Attention to detail and pride in the work they were undertaking. Very tidy and secure site. Team were considerate and respectful to owners at all times. Mike managed all sub-contractors and we noted an excellent working relationship and all sub-contractors highly skilled. Mike highly knowledgeable of Building Act to ensure all works met requirements. Confidence in MOD Builders ability to deliver – and they did. Sense that the project was well in hand – and it was. The finished renovation exceeded our expectations and we appreciated all the effort that went into this and the advice and communication we would receive from Mike. We would highly recommend MOD Builders to anyone wanting a quality renovation. We would use MOD Builders again.
At the time this was our biggest project to date & I put a real emphasis on delivering the best possible result. It was a very tricky/tight site with 1.2m wide access for our digger to excavte the back yard then building a new block wall under the existing house due to rot & borer. This project had all the complications of a tight central city site. I am proud of the job we did here and believe this house will be standing for generations to come.