This brand new architectually designed bach has a north facing open plan living area which extends onto the deck providing you with endless summer days. This entire plywood & cedar home provides a solid yet soft oasis away from city life. The 6m high ceiling makes this modest 100sqm holiday home feel much bigger than it is. With intrecite details everywhere you can loose yourself just stairing into space. (and this is before you even get to the beach!)

This home was designed & built by Mod's Director Mike, he enlisted help from James Sievers as the Architect & Laurah Hughes as the draftsman. The idea was to find a design that best suited the section and after a few iterations and working within a few design & budget restraints he settled on this. Mike and friends lived on site during the build mostly sleeping in a tent and moving inside once the roof went on - something he doesn't recommend to clients! It was a labour of love which saw Mike taking home a Silver award at the Master Builders Home of The Year awards in 2018.
Since I was the home owner & the builder it was a breaze making decisions on the fly and making slight changes here or there which can often be a very expenisve part of the job for clients as it causes delays & reduced productivity. One thing I would do differently is to not shy away from steel, I sacrificed the size of joinery on the rear face because I thought I could do it cheaper with timber - this wasnt the case. I will always recomend clients to make decisions that are going to be the most benificial in the long run, you really do need to be thinking a few years in advance not in the now.