A classic central Auckland bungalow that needed a bit of love to suit its new family. The renovation was completed in two stages to allow the homeowners and their kids to live in the house as long as possible. Stage one was kept within the existing house, consisting of a new master ensuite/walk-in wardrobe, and converting the original bathroom and hallway to a new bedroom. Stage two was a 48m2 extension, new laundry, study bathroom, and 40m2 of outdoor living. It was important to this family that we kept and matched as much character as possible throughout the house. For that reason, we used new timber joinery, kept the high ceilings, matched existing finishing lines and continued the native flooring. A few modern touches included the new gas fire and stack bonded brick chimney, recessed curtains and of course, the kitchen. This home will definitely house this family for a long time to come.

Mt Albert — Auckland
A+ experience. By the end of the reno, the MOD guys almost felt like family. They came in on budget, the workmanship was always beautiful and they managed the project like absolute pros. They guided us step by step through the entire process, they communicated well and made what was complicated at times simple. Can only say good things. A+
I often tell clients that a successful project requires us to work together to achieve great results, in my opinion Building is not a us and them relationship, we need to care more about each other and about the process. This job was a great example of that, Matt was awesome at dealing with the site team and making decisions quickly when required & providing pictures or drawings when we may not have been on the same page and we would do our best to squeeze every mm of quality out of the house. Another client we look forward to working with again in the future.